Misters Safed Musli PRO for Men (60 capsules)

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Misters Safed musli PRO for Men is designed to significantly improve your desire, stamina and performance, made with the purest Safed Musli extract, Gokshura and Shilajit, it is designed for high efficacy and value for money.


Reduces overall weakness
Safed musli has rejuvenator properties that help build strength

Increases desire
Gokshura contains saponins that improve desire

Boosts sexual wellness
Shilajit is well known for boosting strength & sexual wellness

Enhances immunity
Safed musli is an immunomodulator that improves immunity

Natural & Effective Ingredients:
Misters does an extensive clinical research and maintains a very high quality.

  • Scientific and natural
  • GMP certified
  • No Side effects

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